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About Digital Art / Student Daniela GuedesFemale/Portugal Groups :iconzootopia-galaxy: Zootopia-galaxy
Like you never seen be-fur
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.: Mystery :. by WhiteSpiritWolf .: Mystery :. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 1,917 52 In Hiding by Sangelus In Hiding :iconsangelus:Sangelus 263 45 Leave it Broken by yuumei Leave it Broken :iconyuumei:yuumei 38,999 1,210
Taken into a room that my youth bleeds your maturity
no way beyond our strength is it above us all when the dawn comes
I told them it was a lie that burned down a cross in isreal
You offered me that song of our death that crucified our life
Taken into a box where memories bleed your pictures
no way up from the history of us now
they say weakness is from a heart that crashes into another
You told them it was all a lie or confusion
Taken from my hope and faith
No way into a truth that kept my sanity
they say standing up has a meaning in our humanity
I told them all that a heart can not beat on winds of sorrow
Taken from us both our tickets on that train that seems to go no where
no way through the forgiveness that we can admit inside our self
they say it is our un-ending issue of not loving one another
You told me that the storm would create seeds that shall fall from Angel Trees
Taken from me a chapter of you that has no voice to cry
no way out of the horror of the smalln
:iconmarquisamon:MarquisAmon 3 4
Commission - Homeworld Clandestine by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Homeworld Clandestine :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 1,812 323
Night Time Hunger
The creature of the darkness
Leads an endless life of despair.
The horrors of an eternity
Captured in that haunted stare.
Only on All Hallow's Eve
May he venture undetected.
His luminous skin and unusual ways
Pass by us unsuspected.
He wishes to befriend you.
He will charm you with his grace.
He'll marvel at the glorious beauty
Of your mortal face.
Alas, this friendship cannot last.
His control cannot endure.
You accept your death with open arms,
Entranced by his allure.
That dreadful night time hunger.
That wretched, lustful thirst.
The insatiable desires
Of the one forever cursed.
Ashamed of his regrettable acts,
Brushing off a blood-stained tear,
He returns unto his resting place
To sleep until next year.
The creature of the darkness
Leads an endless life of despair
Clinging to a mortal self,
Which simply is not there.
:iconhayleyishayley:Hayleyishayley 9 16
I look at the image facing me,
Trying desperately to understand.
The long brown hair that frames her face
Is colored and fake.
Her pale skin is young and scarred,
And her red lips are dry and cracked.
The thick brown glasses that sit on her nose
Cover her cold gray eyes that pierce my soul.
Her hands look worn and dirty,
As she brings the gun to her head.
A look of fear passes through her eyes,
But only lasts a second.
The sound rings through the room,
Dusting everything red.
Finally she is gone,
Finally I am me.
:iconmmg1195:mmg1195 9 5
I see the body, lying bloody and ravaged before me.
Instantly my heart drops, I along with it,
Not noticing the sharp pain that arises when my knees meet the ground.
I beg and plead, cry and scream,
Pointless tears streaming across my face and pooling in its hair.
Every attempt to resurrect this bloody ravaged body is in vain.
As the warmth dissipates, the memories are forgotten,
Every joyous crumb of the corpse is taken by death.
As he envelops the cadaver, I weep helplessly,
Knowing it is over.
All I can do now is determine the source of the death,
Who chose to summon him, to end the perfect world, to rip it from my grip?
And then I see.
The hands are soft and gentle, but strong and capable,
The paleness contrasting harshly with the bright red liquid,
Blood, which coats them and the dagger they hold.
My eyes move to the arms, traveling up the assailant's neck, straight to its face,
As I stare at the mirror.
:iconmmg1195:mmg1195 3 6
Day 32 - The setbacks of being a monster by MonsterBrand Day 32 - The setbacks of being a monster :iconmonsterbrand:MonsterBrand 713 35
They Watch Us
They Watch Us:
Perched high upon the mountains;
With wings as black as night.
They watch us in the hour,
Before darkness turns to light.
I've seen them in my visions;
In dreams they come and go,
But the things they seem to tell me
I guess nobody should know...
I've seen children that are buried,
Beneath a frozen lake.
A maiden sits there weeping;
Her heart is soon to break.
The crows flutter downward,
A noose amongst their hands.
They take the maiden away,
To a dark and distant land.
And even if I follow -
Even if I try...
I'll simply end up buried,
Where the frozen children lie.
-Chen Yuan Wen, 10th November 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 554 129
I'm Here to Entertain You by borda I'm Here to Entertain You :iconborda:borda 1,926 324 Mr. Bubbles by B-O-K-E Mr. Bubbles :iconb-o-k-e:B-O-K-E 59 20 Remembrance by Pugletz Remembrance :iconpugletz:Pugletz 19,814 1,491
How to Fix The World
How strange
This abomination...
an execution, while play
The howling strings
Of the cellos
Of the veins
Of the time
Of humanity.
To the discord
Are the who and what,
the how and the why
Ever lost to that
of the cords
of the strings
of the howling
of History.
"Fix this", they cry,
the masses whose
words fester and boil,
carried words, spoken indirect
of the leaders
of the struggles
of the home
of the brave
The final breath
of humanities dying words
"in ashes, from ashes"
She speaks, so melancholy
of the future
of the present
of the past
of Civilization.
"World!" She pleads
with a cry, so finishing
"Heed and listen!"
To them she speaks
Of the necessary
of the desired
of the curses
of their blessings...
:icongrubbswriting:GrubbsWriting 439 34
The hell of a love
she seeks a loophole
to leave this man
that she does not love
this love was an illusion
a waking nightmare
which has destroyed her life
each day it was hell
make love was a Calvary
condemned to silence
she dreams of freedom
but leaving the hell is not an easy thing
:iconkatsumoto82:katsumoto82 23 11
Water Elemental by JuleeMClark Water Elemental :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 5,721 308


DaniiScream's Profile Picture
Daniela Guedes
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Sup ;) :iconkakapoplz:

My name is Daniela aka Baryonix.
Im a tiny beep born on 10th March.

Ive started drawing since i was a little tiny offspring and I never stopped.
I used to draw alien faces on balloons and pretend they were my friends for I had a hard time (and I kind of still have) making friends because awkwardness. But I dont bite so feel free to talk *voice inside screaming BE MY FRIEND PLZ ILL BAKE YOU A CAKE*

My drawings used to be dragon only based because of my dragon obssessive mind but later on I expanded my art to other fields.
Currently training my digital art skills, im still noob at it but ill get there... in time.



Instagram (if you want to follow my furry ass around college life)



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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a super happy day.
I cant remember when was the last time my family came together for this day, but someday it'll happen again. I've been so busy with college work, I have a full animation due this january. I miss sleep, I'll upload new stuff as soon as i can. ;)


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